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Dear Student,

Welcome to ELT Enquiring Minds! Here you can post any questions you have and I'm sure that any of the teachers will kindly answer.

I hope that soon there will be more ACTIVE learners like you. Language learners who want to interact and learn more.
There are lots of links you can browse to practice your English.

Any suggestions? Is there anything you could not find? Let us know!

Kind regards,
David Gutierrez

Bienvenido a ELT Enquiring
Minds! Aca podrás postear las dudas que tengas y estoy seguro que alguno de los profes te responderá
Espero que pronto hayan más alumnos ACTIVOS como vos. Alumnos qeu quieran interactuar y aprender más. Hay muchos links que podes navegar para practicar tu inglés.
Alguna sugerencia? Algo que no pudiste encontrar? Contános!
David Gutierrez

About Me and this blog

Welcome to ELT Enquiring Minds!

My name is David Gutierrez and I am a 27 year-old English Language teacher-to-be from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I've been in the teaching mode for the last 8 years, during which I have realized that I am not
the only one who loves sharing things with other colleagues and who tries to improve his skills as an educator.

This blog aims to:

  • Teachers
Share experiences, interesting stuff, doubts, links, ideas...anything that comes to your mind..
Feel free to use the links and resources that suit you students' needs. If you have anything to share with us, let us know asap! The more resources, the more time we'll save in our lesson planning

  • Learners
You will find lots of links to practice and customise your learning. You can also post any questions and we'll reply as soon as possible

I hope you find this place useful. Thanks for reading the intro and I hope we can start a long-term e-sharing relationship

Kind Regards,
David Gutierrez

Language Trainer
Course Designer
Material Writer